Saturday, January 12, 2013

Feta Cheese Turkey Meat Loaf

I adapted this recipe from Food Network, Giada's recipe.

1 pound of ground turkey
1/2 cup bread crumbs (if making this gluten free, use 1/2 cup crushed gf rice crispies cereal)
1/2 cup feta cheese
1/4 cup parmesean cheese
1 tbsp. minced garlic
1 tbsp. ranch dressing seasoning packet
1 egg, lightly beaten
2 tbsp. milk
salt and pepper, to taste

Preheat oven to 375.
Mix all ingredients, except turkey.
After everything is mixed, gently add the turkey.
Coat the bottom of a loaf pan with olive oil.
Bake turkey for 45 minutes.

Note: A great place to buy ranch dressing seasoning packets without all the bad stuff is from penzey's spices.  See here. 

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