Friday, April 20, 2012

The Simple Things

 "As human beings, we cherish the little things.  Big events are grand, and if we're blessed enough to experience some, we should be grateful.  But at the end of the day, what we all want and a full life, one dripping with meaning and richness."
-Tsh Oxenreider

On planning a family event, I usually spend time trying to think of something that will be super special and memorable for our children. I research family-fun events that are near us, and try to talk my husband into my new-found idea. But, with toddler-aged children, sometimes the ideas don’t go over so well.  A temper-tantrum or a blow-out diaper can quickly end all the fun!  I’ve come to realize that, at this stage in life, sometimes the simple things are the most fun for my children.  This past week my husband was watering the plants, and our three year old wanted to “help.”  He had an absolute blast!  His younger brother was quick to follow behind him, as they sprayed the plants and each other too.  Instead of putting a lot of time and effort into planning a day out and then getting frustrated when it doesn’t turn out as expected, I’m learning to enjoy the simple things.  All my children really want right now is a mom and a dad who are ready to give them their undivided attention. Here are some simple ideas that your kids just may love more than a day out. But, don’t miss the most important part—you have to participate too!

  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Water hose or water balloons
  • Measuring Cups: stack the cups or give them uncooked pasta to put inside each of them
  • Cooking with Mom: let them help you stir or drop items into the mixing bowl
  • Big Box: I don’t know what it is about big cardboard boxes, but my kids love them!  Let them get inside and push them around the house, let them hide their toys in them…they’ll come up with more than enough ideas on their own!

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