Thursday, June 5, 2014

Creation Unit

My Father's World starts out with a 10-day Creation Unit.  It goes through the seven days of creation and was a great way to start out homeschooling.  The assignments were fun and simple, helping to ease a child into homeschooling.  We actually completed the unit in 7 days.

Some supplements we used for this unit:

Big Truths for Little Kids 
This book is in story format, and it helps introduce basic Christian truths to children. We use this in addition to MFW Bible curriculum.

My Father's World song
A video to watch as children learn this song.  It shows pictures of creation, etc.

God Made It for You
This is a precious book that goes through each day of creation.  We LOVED it!

Days of the Week Song

Months of the Year Song

We were able to go to a little outside zoo and talk about the different animals God created this week.  It was the perfect way to end our Creation week.

At the end of the week, your child has created a precious creation booklet.  It's so neat to watch your child create their own work.

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