Thursday, June 5, 2014

Unit 1: Sun

Unit 1 is the first real week of the curriculum.  Each week the students will learn a new letter and Unit 1 begins with S for Sun.  Every unit has a coordinating truth about God, and this week was: Jesus is the Light of the world.

Some supplements we used for this unit:

ABC Memory Verse Cards
In addition to the Bible truth, we are also memorizing a Bible verse that begins with the letter of the week.  I received these ABC Verse cards as a gift and they are by Dayspring, but I have also seen these online that would work just as well.

Shadow Video
This week, we read the poem "My Shadow." This short clip from Peter Pan goes along with it and the poem is read aloud while the clip is shown.

Sun Video
This is a cute and entertaining clip about the sun.

Christian Liberty Press Nature Reader K
This book is perfect for kindergarten, as it has a well-illustrated animal lesson for each letter of the alphabet.

Dr. Seuss's ABC Book
Entertaining Alphabet Book

Berenstain Bear's Big Book of Science and Nature
A fun and engaging book about weather, animals, the sun and the moon, etc.

Each week, we plan to get books from the library that go along with each unit.  I found several books about the sun to go along with this week's unit.

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